Situated at the banks of the sacred river Shipra, St. Joseph's Convent Senior Secondary School, Mahidpur, was established on 4th July 1998, under the general management of the Diocese of Ujjain, a charitable and educational society, registered under the Madhya Pradesh Society Registration Act 1973 (no.44 of 1973) on 14th November 1973 (Reg. No.3483). In particular it is run by the Catholic Church at Mahidpur. The management enjoys minority rights as enshrined in the Constitution of India Art. 30.The school is recognised by M.P. Education Department and is affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi (Affi. No. 1030517).

St. Joseph's ConventSenior Secondary School, Mahidpur aims at the holistic approch to education and the formation of the little children in the harmonious development of their physical, mental and moral powers so as to make them good citizens. That is to say, it enables students to become authentic and responsible citizens of India. Each child is a gift of God and he/she is given the opportunity to be moulded in such a way he/she meets the demands of the society. Without fail, our dedicated and well-trained staff impart and promote wisdom and knowledge to all pupils.

The motto of the school is 'Wisdom shines bright and never grows dim'. The school stands not only for the intellectual aspirations of the students, but also for imparting high moral values.

The medium of instruction is English, Hindi is taught as a compulsory language from Nursery onwards. Sanskrit is taught from Class VI onwards as the third language. Computer Science is also taught from class III on wards to enable the students to have a first-hand knowledge to step confidently into today’s world of computer.


Education is essentially a service and a means of liberation from ignorance and illiteracy. The vision of education at St. Joseph's is to impart value education, to promote moral righteousness, culture and traditional values, eco-sensitivity as a shield and armour, transforming every scar into a star. To form a new generation with holistic life skills and talents, and to turn their dreams into reality.


To enable every child to become authentic and responsible citizen, and to encompass the whole humanity with love, peace and joy. To provide quality education to all, to inculcate human values of love and brotherhood in children and in youth; helping them to grow in an atmosphere of peaceful co-existence and national integrity.


Academic excellence with high moral values, to face every situation in life with courage and sensitivity. To establish a new society in which all might have life in its fullness. We aim at the material, spiritual, emotional and psychological development that will sensitize the students towards ecological preservation, innovativeness, creativity, scientific and technological tempo so as to allow each child to attain human excellence liberated from the shackles and bondages of ignorance and oppression.


In our school we take pride in the following traditions.

 To speak only English in the school premises.  To be always friendly with one another in and out of the school.  To avoid vulgarity in talk and behaviour.  To accept whatever work assigned to us as our rightful share.  To respect the beauty of the school premises and to report any damage incase occurs.  To respect the library rules and the rights of other students using it.  To maintain perfect silence in the library and the laboratories.  To avoid dropping paper, lunch scraps, fruit peels etc. in the school premises and make use of the dustbins provided for this purpose.  To learn and observe good manners at table and elsewhere. These traditions are little things in themselves and they cannot be forced since this would destroy their values.  The desire to observe them must come from within and must be genuine, only thus can one's character be formed.